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May 9

Iron Man

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Iron Man kicks off the summer movie season with a bang. 

Iron Man Banner

       The summer movie season have officially opened with the release of Iron Man. Iron Man, based on the Marvel comic, is the story of Millionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). After being kidnapped by a terrorist group, Mr. Stark decides to stop using his vast array of technical wisdom to create weapons of destruction but instead use his skills to help those in need. In order to do this he creates a mobile suit powerful enough to stop those who inflict damage on the innocent.

       Before I begin my review I would like to mention that the trailers shown before this movie had to be the best I have ever seen. Previews to The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones 4, The Incredible Hulk, and The Spirit were all shown. Watching these made me want to create a top ten list of upcoming movies that I’m looking forward to. I’ll create this list as a separate post or add it to the right nav so look out for it.

       Now on to the the review. Iron Man was never one of my favorite super heroes but I always did think that his character was cool. I wasn’t anticipating this movie untill I saw the ad that played during the superbowl. After that, every little piece of Iron Man footage that I saw had me wanting to see this movie so much more. So did the movie live up to the expectation. You bet it did. Iron Man was the kick off that this summer needed. It was true to the comics and one of the best comic movies ever made. The story was great, the acting was great, the effects were great and the overall feeling was great.

       The story was simple and entertaining. I’m sure that hard core Iron Man fans will feel that this is probably the best comic to movie adaptation that is possible for this character. With such a great story you need great acting. The cast for this movie was fantastic. Robert Downey Jr was born for this role. He is everything that Tony Stark is. Except for the smarts. Terrence Howard was good as always. I hope we get to see him as War Machine in the next installment which is due in 2010. Jeff Bridges was a perfect villain. The only problem I had was with Gweneth Paltrow. I think she is a great actress but she was a little off at some points especially during the final action sequence.

       One thing that some movies don’t get right is the overall look of the character. Iron Man looked like he popped out straight from the comic book. The suit was dead on. Both the first version and the ones that followed were all perfectly designed. As for the action sequences; they were good but the final one felt a little bit campy. The isn’t a big drawback at all. Just a little thing which we seem to get with origin drivin superhero films but gets improved in the sequels.

       Overall this movie had me from begining to end. It was a real fun ride which reminded me of the first time I saw Daredevil which was another fun film. The story is simple for any one to grasp. Those who don’t know anything about the characther will have no trouble understanding the film, however there are several treats throughout the film for those hard core comic fans.

       Iron Man is a must see for comic book fans and for any audience in general. It wasn’t as smart as other super hero flicks and it wasn’t the best ever. However, it sure was a fun ride. Make sure to stay seated until the end of the closing credits for an extra surprise. It is by far the best after credit scene I have ever seen.

4 out of 5 stars

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