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Jan 19


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 The monster movie is back with a clever new take on the genre. 

Cloverfield Movie Banner

       Most of remember going to the theater on July 2007 to see the highly anticipated Transformers. Suddenly we were treated to a certain coming attraction. It was what seemed like a title-less monster movie followed by the date 1-18-08. Hmmm, pretty interesting we all said. What could this movie possible be about most of us asked. Some of us even did some further searching on the web for some further details on the movie. However, everywhere you searched you found nothing. This movie was kept under wraps with the only thing that finally revealed itself was that it was under the project name Cloverfield. As months went on no further news surfaced on this movie. Then when the next trailer was released we saw a little bit more but it was not enough. Strangely enough the movie was actually called Cloverfield. Finally 1-08-18 arrived and all I could say is that I am glad that this project was kept under such tight secret for the simple fact that I was blown away.

       There has been many monster movies in the past. The most popular being Godzilla. I am a huge fan of Godzilla but the Americanized version which came out a few years back was a disappointment. Now we have Cloverfield which is built on the monster movie genre yet it is not what you would expect. First of all the whole story is told through a handheld camcorder. This is a bold move and one which works successfully. Second, their are alot of holes in the movie. Where did the monster come from? Why is it here? Alot more questions arise throughout the movie which I wont get into for the sake of not providing spoilers. Many movies fall short because of such questions. However, Cloverfield is a movie that does not need any of these questions to be answered. Sure it would be interesting to know but that is not the purpose of the movie. The purpose it to tell the story through the eyes of a small group of people who are trying to survive the attack. The monster is not the main focus. However, you get to see the monster plenty of times and it sure is scary. It is somewhat of a different take on the classic monster yet it is by far the most believable to date. It is humongous and the destruction which it brings is insane.

       Speaking of believable, as a resident of New York and being in the city on 911, this movie had a bigger impact. Watching the chaos in the city followed by quick evacuations and jets zooming across at low altitudes was something that brought back memories. The way everything was shot felt very real and even the actors did a great job of bringing that sad and shocking feel to the film. Filming the movie with a handheld camcorder added that extra touch which worked brilliantly. Some may have an issue with all the shaking due to the various running scenes and encounters with the monster. However, you have to realize that this film is meant to give you the feel of an event like this actually happening.

       The movie does have its flaw but I could only count one. However, after thinking about it I decided to put this minor flaw aside. It involved a decision which was made but in the long run it would probably be the same decision I would make in such a situation. This movie will make you think and if you live in New York it will make you think a whole-lot more. If something like this were to happen, you know it will go down just like it did in Cloverfield. I would definitely love to see a sequel to this movie. One of my friends said that it would be cool to see the movie from the armies point of view. I think this is a great idea and hopefully something like this is floating around in the mind of J.J. Abrams.

       Cloverfield is a very original and clever film with a creative take on the monster genre. The handheld camera approach is definitely a welcome technique for this type of film. Many will be disappointed at all the unanswered questions but the film is not meant to provide answers. The film feels very real and you will definitely walk away from this one thinking. All in all, Cloverfild is the first MUST see of the new year.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Side Note: Stay untill the end of the credits. You won’t understand it but after reading up on the web there is a secret message. Also, during the last scene right before the closing credits, keep your eyes open. I missed it but after hearing numerous reports on it I am dying to see this again in order to catch it.

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