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Oct 31

The Dark Knight Marketing Campaign

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The Dark Knight hits theatres mid year 2008 but the marketing campaign for the film has already started. The site WhySoSerious.Com has been providing us with humorous jokes and puzzles for the past month’s. The site is laid out to look as if it is controlled by the Joker. For the month of October there has been a Jack-o-Lantern on the site with a lit candle in the mouth. The mouth being the shape of the Batman logo. Through out the month one side of the pumpkin started to rot and the candle began to burn out. It looked like the rotted face would reveal Two-Face by October 31st. However, what we got was an interesting marketing campaign where missions are laid out for cities throughout the country. You have to click on random parts of the website in order to view the city and the mission for that city. I would love to check out the New York mission which has you standing on a star around Lexington Ave and looking up but the work day wont allow it to happen. In the end, I am not sure what the missions will accomplish but hopefully it is something worthy of going around and snapping photos. 

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