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Oct 10

Heroes Vol 2 Ch 3 Review

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 Sylar returns but is he strong enough to get this season going? 

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 Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 3 (Kindred)

- Spoiler Alert -

       I had high hopes for this chapter. After last weeks some what disappointing chapter, I felt that it would redeem itself with the next chapter. This weeks chapter was not as bad as the previous one but it still was not as good as a Heroes chapter should be.

      You would think that the return of Sylar would give this season the jump in needed but sadly this was not the outcome. It was great to see one of the most interesting characters return but it was for too short of a time. After being rescued from the events that took place at the end of last season, Sylar is now being kept in a remote location by Candice who now goes by the name Michelle. After killing her off and taking her powers he realizes that he cannot use his abilities anymore. This could be because of the huge cut which he obtained after Hiro stabbed him last season or because of something that was done to him by another party. One thing for sure is that after obtaining Candice or Michelles power, Sylar is a lot more powerful than he previously was. With all the other story lines which need to be explored we did not find out too much about Sylar. This was a disappointment since the rest of the show was kind of flat.

       The biggest problem with today’s chapter was the slow and boring story line. I am getting fed up with the Maya and Alehandro’s story line which is such a boring thing to watch. I can’t say enough how stupid their abilities are. Every time they are on screen they take too much of the shows time and we end up being short changed. Also, what’s up with West flying around with Claire in clear day time view? Seriously, would volume one allow such stupidity to happen? I think not. Also, who is that old woman who is going to take care of Micah and why did they make it feel like she was so important? I don’t know who she is yet and I don’t care. What would be better is if we got answers to why DL is dead. He was shot last season but during the final moments of the show he looked fine to me. However, we will most likely get that answer at a later time this season.

       OK, I got a little bit heated there, so let me cool down by bringing out the positive points of this chapter. I’ll start off with Peter. They made an obvious but good change with this character. Well, I am not sure if this is the course the they will follow but it is exciting to see Peter show some of his darker side. It would be great if he became some sort of villain for at least part of this volume. Another great moment was when Ando discovered the messages under his sword that where sent to him from Hiro in the past. Not an original concept but still cool. Hiro’s story seems to be picking up as Kenzei realizes what he could accomplish with his healing factor. Now the Kenzei which Hiro idolized will become that exact person thanks to Hiro. However , I hope that Hiro will not stay in the past for too much of the season and that some sort of connectivity is made between the past and the current events. One last thing which was interesting is that Noah is one of the eight whichare predicted to die through Isack’s paintings. This means that Noah has some connection to Hiro’s dad and Angela Petrelli. This could also mean that just like them, Noah could posses some sort of special ability. I could see this guy being one powerful individual if he has a power of his own. Can’t wait to see where this leads to.

       So this chapter was not great but not as bad as the last one. It is only the third chapter so it is still too early to tell if this season is heading in the right direction. The next chapter dosen’t seem so promising but we will see. One thing for sure, it is hard like usual to wait a whole week to see the next installment.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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