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Oct 1

Heroes Vol2 Ch1 Review

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Four months later and Heroes is back with a strong start.

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Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 1 (Four Months Later)

       After an amazing first season, Heroes volume 2 has begun and it continues 4 months after the climatic events of volume 1. We find our heroes in different situations than where we left them off. Mohinder went to Egypt to introduce the discoveries he made in the human genome, Matt Parkman is divorced and working with Mohinder to take Molly Walker under their wing, Nathan survived the explosion and is now trying to deal with the hardship of his brothers probable death, Peter is found in a cargo hold in Ireland with a loss of memory, the Bennets have taken on a new life to remain hidden from the company and Hiro is stuck in feudal Japan.

       Their is alot going on in the story, espicially with so many characters involved. As a first episode of the new season it can be hard to fill in all the loose ends but it looked like the writers did not want to do that here. Instead they showed us the current lives of each character and made us wonder how they got to where they are now. I think it is a great idea as long as they explain everything as the season continues which is something that they succeeded in doing in volume 1.

       There is also new additions to the cast. We meet Claires new boyfriend who we find out has the same flight abilities as Nathan. I think this is rather lame. Its cool to see characters share the same abilities, I mean if there are so many scattered all around the world then there will be people with the same abilities. However, to introduce another character that is able to fly so early on is a bit dissapointing. Seeing this character have a different unique ability would have been a better choice. We also meet an individual who works for the company and wants Mohinder to help in finding other ones with special abilities. This persons ability is to turn silver spoons into gold. Seriously, it is. Well at least for now that’s what he showed he could do. During his conversation with Mohinder we find out that the company has an idea to spread a virus which will kill those with this special gene. This is very similar to the legacy virus which was spreading in the x-men universe. This might be what our heroes must stop in this volume but who knows. Unlike volume 1 where the climatic event that must be prevented was told in the very first chapter, volume 2 gave no exact clue on what the overall story line will be for the rest of the season. This is cool because it makes the audience wonder what could be instore. Especially with someone worst than Sylar out there. Speaking of Sylar, he was nowhere to be found. Until the very end where we got a glimpse of things to come this season. Additional characters also included 2 young individuals from Mexico (Mia and Alejandro) who are wanted for possible crimes and are on the run to cross the border into the US. There goal is to get answers into why they have developed their special abilities which remain unknown as of right now.

       Volume 2 opened to a fast start and kept the story rolling. It was rather confusing at first because of all the new story lines which have to be developed but it was surely entertaining and left us wanting more just as the chapters in volume 1 did. Great start to a new season of Heroes and hopefully it continues to be the best show on TV.

4 out of 5 stars

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