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Jun 13

Kung Fu Panda

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 A fighting panda? You better believe it. DreamWorks delivers with it’s latest in animated films.

 Kung Fu Panda Banner 

       Kung Fu Panda is the latest in animated films from DreamWorks. It tells the story of
Po, a Panda who while working for his father at a noodle shop dreams of becoming a Kung Fu hero. During a tournament crowning the next dragon warrior, Po is chosen to become the hero who would save the lands people from a villain that has been locked up for years.
       The story is told through wonderful animation and voice acting. The main character, voiced by Jack Black, is very lovable and you want to see him succeed as he tries to rise to the top. The process he takes to accomplish this is very humorous and entertaining. There are many kung fu references taken from past kung fu flicks. My favorite is the obvious pressure point techniques which we find in many of the classics. 

       The animation in Kung Fu Panda is on par with some of the top animated films to date. Both me and Ashley were impressed by the fluid movement and details that where visible from the opening sequences. This movie was definitely a visual treat. Where this works best is during a dark prison escape which has to be my favorite scene of the film. The lighting effects along with the fast paced details make this dark room scene so amazing. This is very comparable to the great animation that we got from The Incredibles.

       The film is also filled with a lot of heart, sending out a message to believe in your self. Our main character is not necessarily the kung fu hero that you would expect however by believing in him self he was able to accomplish the impossible. Yes, after seeing this I now believe in myself much more. Really, I do.

       This film is geared mostly to kids and here is where I had a slight problem. This was during the final climatic sequence. We were treated to some great and intense kung fu sequences during the course of the film. However the final scene was more of a slap stick comedy. This would be fine if we weren’t introduced to such a powerful and dark villain who gets treated like a joke in the end. I’m not complaining too much here because it made sense that it played out this way and like I said before, it was geared mostly to kids. I just found this a little bit too silly.

       Overall, Kung Fu Panda was a fun movie which I recommend all young and old to watch. It sends out a great message and gives small nods to past kung fu films. The final sequence might be a little watered down but that all depends on the individual. Despite this, Kung Fu Panda is right there with some of the other good animated films of our time.

4 out of 5 stars

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