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Jun 6

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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Indy is back but should we really be excited for his long awaited return?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie Banner

       Indiana Jones is one of those movie franchises that you can’t help but love. Raiders of the lost ark is one of those movies that no matter how much time passes it stills manages to give you the same thrills as the first time you saw it. The sequels to follow were enjoyable but nothing close to the first. Now we have the fourth installment in the series which was a long time coming. We have a much older Indy and a son who will most likely fill in his father’s shoes in the years to come. This is a movie that many have been waiting for simply because…….it’s Indiana Jones. Before seeing this film I heard a lot of negative buzz. So I went in knowing that it would not be as good as Raiders but hoping that it would be better than The Last Crusade. However I was kind of disappointed in the end.      

       There is a new generation that probably hasn’t seen any of the previous films but will most likely be curios to watch this one. One of my worries was that these individuals would be turned away from the whole series after seeing this latest installment. Those worries are now extremely high after watching Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was evident that they were trying to follow the same Indy style and not push the series in a different direction. They did a good job in this but was it done right? Before I get to the negative I’ll focus on the positive points. This movie was fun as the previous ones and it was filled with a lot of laughs which are expected in an Indiana Jones film. Harrison Ford does a great job as an aged Indy. Don’t let older Harrison Ford fool you. He’s still able to bring the same Indiana Jones presence to the screen. Shia LaBeouf continues to prove that he is in line to become one of the great young actors of our time. There are several references to the previous films which serves as a real treat to all fans. From the very beginning of the film and several other times you get that Indy feel that takes you back to your childhood days. I had a huge smile on my face simply because I was watching one of those characters that I grew up with and he was doing what he does best. These moments are priceless. It just sucks when it have to all come tumbling down by moments where things just go wrong.      

       Now we get to the bad. Indiana Jones has always been filled with great story telling. This one succeeds in some aspect but falls hard in others. The really bad part is that the part where it falls hard is the part where we want it to succeed the most. The movie revolves around an alien discovery which can be hard to buy when you first think about it. However it works good for most of the movie but it falls terribly flat by the time the closing credits are rolling. It become a little to sci-fi’ish if I could call it that. The movie just felt weird at this point. I sat there just shaking my head, “why, why, WHY?”. Yeah it was that bad. It looked like Spielberg and Lucas were trying a little too hard to make this really succeed but weren’t aware of the disaster they were creating. Then we have the really dumb scenes that are just unnecessary. When you see the Tarzan scene you will know exactly what I mean. Once again I say to myself, “why, why, WHY?”. These scenes should have definitely been thought about a little bit more before releasing such an anticipating film as this.      

       Overall, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull can be an entertaining movie at times and it does have that Indy feel to it which we all love. However it is not the movie we where waiting for. In my list of top Indy films I would have to put this one at the bottom, right under The Last Crusade. If you never saw an Indy film in the big screen like me, then I suggest you go see it just for that reason. If not this one could wait for DVD. Sorry Indy, I wish I could have given you the perfect review.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars 

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