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Jan 9

“CHE” at the Ziegfeld

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. This was because of a switch of jobs and then the lost of one kept me occupied (surprisingly). Well, at the start of the new year I am back on my feet and wanted to talk a bit about a film I saw mid December and the experience that came with it.

“CHE” is a biopic on the life of Ernesto “CHE” Guevara. The only details that I knew about this man before going into the theater was about his early life at a younger age told through the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries”. Other then that, he was known to me as the guy on the t-shirt who played a part in the Cuban revolution. I anticipated this film to inform me about this historical individual. This is a film which I waited a whole year to see and what better way to see it then in it’s entirety. That is a 4 hour ride through the life of a man that affected many in a variety ways. What I saw was an advanced screening which played for one week at the Ziegfeld. In early 2009 the film will be released in two parts but I believe that the best way to view it is by sitting through the whole 4 hours.

The character of “CHE” is played by Benicio Del Toro. Before seeing this film I didn’t think that there would be anyone better cast for this role but him. He does a terrific job bringing this character to life and he also resembles him pretty well. The first part of the film focuses on how “CHE” and Fidel Castro gathered a nation to help in the overthrowing of Cuba’s leader, Batista.  Throughout this part we see segments of “CHE”‘s visit to the United Nations as he talks about the Cuban revolution and other actions taken as Castro s right hand man.  I believe that this first part is superior to the latter half.  It shows us how much this man cared for and fought for those who suffered during the reign of Batista. The latter half jumped a bit further and dived right into “CHE”s approach in causing another revolution in Bolivia. This part of the film feels similar to the first as the same steps are taken but with different results. In short, everything goes wrong as opposed to the first half where everything worked out for “CHE” and his group. I enjoyed the first half better because it felt fresh and we saw why these people did what they did and what was at stake for the people of Cuba if they were to fail.The second half did everything the first half did which is not bad but it wasn’t anything new. Then again these are actual events so it is proper to tell the story exactly as it happened and not sugar coated for an audience. However, I have a feeling that those who choose to view this film separately in two parts will dislike the second half. One thing that I wanted the film to spend time on was on the reign of Castro with “CHE” on his side. This is where we could have seen why many dislike this man because of the executions which he ordered on behalf of Castro. Instead we only get to see the “CHE” that is portrayed as a hero.

What added to this movie going experience was the surprise appearance by the director of the film, Steven Soderberg, following the film. He participated in an audience Q & A and then had an autograph session. However I have to say that this guy is horrible answering questions. He was going around in circles and not exactly answering the questions at hand. Then again he did make this special appearance which is very rare to see. The theater lobby was also filled with original photos from the film which added a little extra touch to the experience.

“CHE” is an excellent story about the life of one of the most popular yet unknown historical figures. I recommend all to watch it at it’s lengthy four hours. Not only will you be given a lesson in the Cuban revolution but you also will be treated to a wonderful work of film.

4 out 5 stars

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