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Jul 3


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 Disney and Pixar have done it again. WALL-E is an imaginative film filled with a lot of heart.

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       I’ve been anticipating WALL-E back since I saw the first trailer. With such great animated Pixar flicks as The Incredibles and Ratatouille, I had such great hopes for WALL-E. Pixar has always managed to bring such creativity to the big screen. With WALL-E, Pixar has done it again. This is a film filled with a lot of heart and a powerful message.      

       WALL-E is the story of a garbage collecting robot that was left on earth to clean up the mess that humans left behind. After another robot (Eve) arrives on earth, WALL-E finds out that he is much more than a machine. He is full of feelings which will send him on an adventure to rescue his newly discovered love. From the opening scene I knew that there was something special about this movie. It’s about thirty minutes of silence with the only noise being the robotic sounds of these robots. It worked perfectly and showed that characters can silently interact with each other or their environment to tell a very involving story. Of course this was how it was done back in the early days of film so it is clearly nothing new. The story does stray a bit towards the middle when we are getting introduced to the humans but it quickly picks up when the focus gets put back onto the machines.      

       Just like The Incredibles and Ratatouille, Pixar always manages to bring us some of the best animation. However, one critique that I have is the addition of live action humans in the movie. Even though it didn’t take away from the overall movie, it still was unnecessary and could have been done equally with animated humans. I guess they were shooting for something different which I do give credit for trying. It’s kind of hard to tell where the next stages of animation are going but the only way to get there is to try new things.      

       WALL-E isn’t a step above the rest but it sure finds its place right next to the great animated films of our time. With wonderful characters, a heartfelt story and a great message, Wall-E is clearly one of the best Pixar films to date.

4 out of 5 stars 

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