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May 8

Spider-Man 3 Review

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 Spider-Man 3 is an exciting ride but falls short in balancing the thrills with the drama.

       As my first movie review, I would like to state that I have no direct method of reviewing. I simply explain the premise of the movie along with other key moments. Of course I throw in my likes and dislikes and why I recommend or do not recommend the movie being reviewed.

       Both Spider-man 1 and 2 where huge successes and great movies not only for comic book buffs but for average movie goers. Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness) took the character of spider-man from the pages of the marvel comics and placed him into the real world and the results where stunning. But how does this installment in the spider-man saga stack up to the previous two? Not as good as one would think.

       Spider-man 3 continues the story which started with Spider-Man 1 through Spider-Man 2. Peter Parker (Tobey Mcguire) must deal with his responsibilities as a super hero along with his relationship with Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) and his rivalry with his pal Harry Osborn (James Franco). Once we see that Marvel Intro which was first introduced with Spider-man 1, one cant help but clap and cheer. The opening scenes are exciting and full of rich story. This time around spider-man must face three villains. These include The Sandman (Thomas Haiden Church), The New Goblin (James Franco) and one of spider-man’s most notorious villains, Venom (Topher Grace). The villains are excellent especially The New Goblin who is on a course of avenging his fathers death. All three characters are brought to life with amazing visuals. However, the downside of having so many villains is the lack of screen time. Unless the movie is three or four hours long, we just don’t get to see enough of these characters. However, this can easily be forgotten by the presence that the actors bring to the movie. Topher Grace gives an unforgettable performance as a news reporter who wants to steal the spot light from Peter Parker as spider-man photographer. His character of Eddie Brock, will probably be remembered as one of the best characters just as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man 1 and 2. The character that got the least amount of screen time was (The Sandman) Thomas Hayden Church. This is somewhat of a downside being that the emotion he brings to the screen is done so well that we don’t want to only see bits of him here and there. When I first heard that The Sandman was going to be a villain in Spider-man 3 I was not so thrilled. With an arsenal of villains at Sam Raimi’s disposal it could be well debated that this was a bad choice. However The Sandman fits perfectly into the story and Raimi definetely made a great choice to select this character. This can be compared to Raz Al Ghul in Batman Begins. Definetly one of Batman’s toughest villains but not a favorite to get picked for a batman film. However, the choice of putting the character in the movie lead to one of the if not the best comic book movie to date. 

       The villains in Spider-man 3 where all top notch but where spider-man failed to shine was in combining the thrills with the drama. At two and a half hours one would think that the film would be able to balance itself out. Too much time is spent concentrating on Peter making the transition from geeky school boy to a tough bad guy. I could not believe for how long certain scenes dragged. There were more important things where time could have been spent on. After awhile, watching Tobey Mcguire dance just got flat out ridiculous. Also, those annoying reporters at the end of the movie were just taking away from the excitement of the final battle. Common, do we really need to be told what’s going on in the movie, I mean we are watching it ourselves. Very and I mean very annoying. Lucky for us, Bruce Cambell throws in his little cameo to save us from those annoying and dragging moments.

       Visually the movie was amazing. Costume design was great especially the look of Venom. His design was true to the comics and at no time did it look too cartoonish. I would recommend viewing this film in Imax however there is one action scene which the Imax screen is way too big for. This is during the showdown between Peter and The New Goblin. The scene is very fast and one can get lost in it very quickly. Other than this one drawback, the movie is amazing in Imax.

       The movie was not bad but could have been a lot better especially with such a huge franchise. If you can overlook those annoying and dragging scenes, Spider-Man 3 is an entertaining movie which falls in right where Spider-Man 2 left off. Hopefully a Spider-Man 4 gets made and many of these downfalls are improved to give us one amazing and perfect Spider-Man film.

3 out of 5 stars

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