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Dec 28

I Am Legend (Plus The Dark Knight Prologue)

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Will Smith tries to stay alive as the last man on earth while Heath Ledger asks us “why so serious?” as the Clown Prince of Crime.

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       This is a rather late review but I did not get a chance to write this following the movie. I’ll start of by saying that I was not extremely anticipating this movie. I did not watch any of the original films and all I knew about the story was what was described in the trailers. Before I go further into the movie I would also like to point out that it was a tough choice into where I was going to see this movie. My choices were either the IMAX or standard theatre. Recently IMAX has been somewhat of a let down for me. Sure the screen is gigantic and it feels like you are right in the movie but when it comes to fast paced action it quite dosen’t cut it. An example of this is the first fight scene between Peter Parker and Harry Osbourne in Spider-Man 3. For the most part I had no idea what was going on in that scene. It was too fast for a screen of that size at the distance you are in. So why was IMAX even a choice for viewing I Am Legend? As many may know, The Dark Knight prologue was attached to all IMAX prints and as a Batman fan I really wanted to check this out. So me and my wife decided to go to IMAX. I will follow the I Am Legend review with a quick thought on The Dark Knight prologue. Or you can skip the I Am Legend review and jump striaght to the prologue by clicking here.

       I Am Legend seemed like it would be a straight up apocalyptic zombie flick. To my surprise it wasn’t. It was much more than that. It was a film filled with deep emotion, wrapped around a thrilling story which was really satisfying. The story is simple. Man creates a cure for cancer which accidentally turns into a virus that mutates humans into enraged deformed creatures. These creatures slightly resemble man and posses somewhat superhuman abilities. All of earth’s population have been transformed into these creatures except for one man (Will Smith) who is dedicated into finding a cure for this virus. It might seem like a movie this simple with a concept that has been used several times can be a bore. However, from the moment that you see an empty and run down New York City done right, you know you are in for a treat. The quiet tone of the film is a touch that other films have done but none have done so in a way that brings great fear and sadness. You do not know what is around the corner or what fate will await our hero. One seen in particular left me sadden and pissed off which did not allow me to concentrate on the film for the next five minutes that followed. If a movie could do that to you then it could either be a bad or good thing. In this case, the scene was one which was very emotional to me and if a movie could get you in such a way then it has achieved something good.

       Even though the earth has been overrun by these mutated humans, I Am Legend focuses mostly on Will Smith’s character and the methods he uses in protecting himself from the creatures of the night while also protecting himself from his own insanity. All this while trying to find a cure for the disastrous virus. The pacing of the movie is great and the balance of action and drama is sure to make everyone who watches this movie leave with a sense of satisfaction.

       The visuals were good but nothing extraordinary. As I mentioned before, the empty New York Streets were wonderfully created and by far the best eye candy of the movie. However, the creatures could have used a more real touch to them. They were all CGI and at times it reminded me of Will Smith fighting the I-Robots. But now how did this all look on an IMAX screen? I remember seeing the preview for this movie on this screen and saying to my wife that we would not be seeing this movie in IMAX. Had it not been for the Batman prologue we would have seen this on a regular screen. However, I was blown away at how good this film looked in such a big screen. Not once did I get lost by excessive motion blur as I did with Spider-Man 3. This might be for the fact that I was sitting one row above from where I saw SM3. My wife thinks it crazy that one row would make that much difference but I still stick to the thought that it did make a difference. I recomend anyone who has not seen this movie yet to go see it in IMAX while it is still playing.

       All in all, I Am Legend is an emotional ride with a simple yet good story. The concept has been done before but that dose not stop this film from achieving a level of success that past films have failed on. For an extra treat go see this in IMAX for not only the The Dark Knight prologue but for the added sound and visual experience which no one should miss.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

The Dark Knight Prologue

       When I first heard about The Dark knight prologue I thought that it was a separate prequel to the movie. I later realized that this was actually the first six minutes of the movie. At first I was a little hesitant to go out and see this for the sake of avoiding spoilers. Then after all the talk of how great these six minutes were I gave in and had to go see this even if I was spoiling the beginning of the film for myself.

       I first have to say how this is the first film where certain scenes were shot using IMAX cameras. Sure there have been other underwater and space documentaries which have been filmed with IMAX camerous but this is the first motion picture to have this. What this means is that the film will not be shown in letterbox as other films (I Am Legend, Spider-Man 3) have been shown on IMAX. Instead the film would take up the whole screen. This being the case was another reason why I felt the need to see this prologue. The scene being shown was one of the scenes shot with the IMAX cameras so I needed to know if fullscreen in IMAX did the film justice or if it took away from the experience. I came to the conclusion that it is without a doubt that I will be seeing this movie in IMAX on opening night. Seeing this six minute clip in IMAX was GLORIOUS. The size did not take away from the clip but instead made the film feel like something more. Something unexplainable in writing. Something that needs to be experience. I was blown away and can’t wait to see how the rest of the film will look on this screen.

       Now that I have the experience out of the way, how good were those six minutes? I have to say that my expectations were higher but I was not disappointed. The scene was the introduction of the Joker. After finally seeing Heath Ledger as the Clown Prince of Crime I can now say that I feel confident in Christopher Nolans version of this character. Not that I had any doubt in Nolan but it is a tough thing to out-perform Jack Nicholson. This clearly is a darker version of the joker which I preferably would enjoy much better. As for Heath Ledger, I think that he was the right choice and will do the characther justice. The scene was also very clever which is somehting that I liked about Batman Begins. It was a smart movie and not your basic superhero action flick.

       My only problem with the prologue was that it was over too soon. We did get some extra scenes afterwards but I could not help wanting more. Why can’t July come any sooner? Oh well, atleast we all know that the wait will be well worth it.

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