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Nov 15

Heroes Vol 2 Ch 8 Review

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 This is the chapter which answers all your questions. Well, most of them.

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Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 8 (Four Months Ago)

- Spoiler Alert -

       This is the one weve been waiting for. Most of our questions were answered but was it satisfying? You bet it was.

       I always asked myself why chapter one of this volume did not followup straight after the events at Kirby Plaza? However, it was a good idea to save this continuation for later. The main reason for this was to keep certain surprises intact. For example, look at Adam Monroe. If he was introduced in the first chapter then we would not be surprised to find out that he was actually the Kensie which Hiro met in the past. However, a consequence of delaying this chapter was the lack luster chapters which we received through the month of October. I guess the writers should have thought of this more carefully in order to balance everything out better. Well, let’s put this aside for now. We can only look forward and try to forget about those mistakes.

       This chapter focused mainly on Peter and Nicki. Questions like, what happened to Nathan after Peter exploded, How did Peter suddenly have a lost of memory, what connection is there between Peter and Adam, and how did DL die were all answered in this chapter. We were even given back story for Maya and Alehandro which was very interesting even though they have been the worst thing so far of season two. The one thing that was missing and it is quite disappointing was that Sylar’s escape was not explained. The preview to this chapter said that this would be answered but Sylar was never mentioned. We only got a glimpse of him in the end of the show driving around with the wonder twins. This was a pretty big let down and I hope it eventually gets explained in later chapters.

       Despite this one flaw of not giving us an explanation on Sylar, this was a very good chapter. The explanations that we got regarding certain characters were very convincing and entertaining. There are three more chapters left for this volume and hopefully they are as engaging as the past two. It looks like Heroes has lost alot of fans with its dissapoiting start but now is the time for all to come back. It can’t go downhill from here. Well, atleast I hope it can’t.

4 out of 5 stars

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