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Nov 7

Heroes Vol 2 Ch 7 Review

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 What do you do when you are out of time? You make sure to deliver one satisfying episode. 

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 Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 7 (Out of Time)

- Spoiler Alert -

       This chapter was packed with so much story that all I could say is “It’s about time”. We saw several stories develop further which is something that this season was lacking. It also left us with more questions which should keep our heads busy until next week.

       This chapter dealt more with the Shanti virus. With Peter going to the future, we got a glimpse of the devastation that is caused after the virus is unleashed. New York has decreased in population and many are in quarantine. I thought that this would be a disastrous episode because it was sort of copying the idea of a past Heroes episode. However, it was not a bad idea the second time around but it was not really necessary. The story could have been told without us seeing what the final outcome could be. I mean is Hiro or Peter going to travel to the future every time a problem arises and figure out how to prevent it. Been there, done that. However, like I said before, seeing this play out was not horrible. Peter did get more of his memory back after meeting his mother which was a very good mother, son moment.

       Another thing that Heroes was missing this time around was the major plot twists which we were used to from last season. Well, we got a treat in this chapter. We found out that Kensie was Adam Monroe. Last week I mentioned the idea of Kensie being immortal and being the killer in our time. I could not believe when he showed up with Peter at the end of the show. This was such a great moment. Now the question is, what will Hiro do once he meets Kensie in the present time? It’s incredible that Hiro messed up the past which led to his father’s death in the present. Unbelievably cool! Finally the Kensei and Hiro story line is moving in a better direction.

       Most of this chapter involved the company trying to prevent Matt’s dad from killing Bob. So much action and character development was packed into this story line. We saw a great confrontation between Matt and his dad which led to Matt developing his abilities to match that of his father. We saw Nicki living her worse nightmares as she attempted to kill Bob. We also saw the beginning of what could lead to be the death of Noah by Mohinder. Very very cool!

       This was the chapter that lifted Heroes to the same hights as it remained last season. Great story telling, great action and a great twist all contributed in making this chapter the best of this season. It looks like next week is going to be the chapter which we all have been waiting for as all of our questiones from last season are answered. Until then, we could feel at ease knowing that Heroes is back on the right track.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

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