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Nov 1

Heroes Vol 2 Ch 6 Review

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. This Heroes episode is on the line.

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Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 6 (The Line)

- Spoiler Alert -

       Heroes is a mixed bag this time around. The first couple of chapters where not so good and then last week we had one heck of an episode. Now we get a chapter which falls somewhere in between those chapters. So lets begin with the good.

       Sylar reaches the Mexican border along with Maya and Alehandro. Their story started to finally pick up after Sylar joined them. After a raged Alehandro repeatedly beats Sylar, Sylar threatenes to kill both him and his siter and take their abilities. This was a speacial treat for Heroes fans. Just watching Sylar’s calm face as he utered his words sends chills down your spine. Sylar is showing more of his devious ways which is something that we all love to see. This is probably leading to what might be the best thing this season, the death of Maya and Alehandro. The sad part is that we spend such little time with Sylar. He has to be the most talked about character so why does it seem like he is being pushed off to the side in every chapter? I’m not sure but in anycase they need to get the ball rolling on this guy and start giving us more explanations.

       Next, we come to Noah and The Hatian. This storyline had to be the higlight of this chapter. After heading to the Ukraine, Noah and the Hatian arrive at the house of Ivan, a past employee of the company. We find out that the Hatian has furthur developed his abilities and can now select specific memories out of peoples heads. This new evolved ability has to be one of the coolest so far. Noah uses this as his torture tool to make Ivan tell him the wearabouts of the final paintings. After getting the location from Ivan, Noah shoots him and goes to find the paintings. This was a very intense moment. Noah had no other choice even though this was not the way he would have liked to seen it go down. After arriving at the location given by Ivan, Noah finds paintings of Nicki, Mohinder with a bandaged nose and a smoking gun, Hiro sword fighting with Kensei, Claire passed out on school steps and Noah lying dead on the floor. It was cool to see the other paintings besides Noah’s fatal shot. It looks like it could be put together as a comic book page just as Peter did last season. From what it looks like now, Mohinder might be the one who kills Noah. This could come about because of Mohinder’s dealings and influence from the company. I always thought the idea of a painter who could paint the future was great. Seeing this passed on to volume two even if the painter is dead was a good idea from the creative team.

       As stated, one of the paintings depicted a fight between Hiro and Kensie. Back in feaudal Japan, Kensie has some beef with Hiro. Hiro was caught kissing Yaeko and now Kensie views him as an enemy. Kensie turns in Hiro, Yaeko and her dad over to the army. It looks like Hiro has just caused a mess in the past which could trigger results leading to the present time. Could it be that Kensie is imortal and still alive in the present time. Maybe instead of becoming a hero, Hiro accidently caused Kensie to turn to the darkside. This might mean that Kensie is the one killing off some of our characters. When Hiro’s dad was killed by being pushed off the building, his killer went along with him and hit the ground at the same speed. Yet he was able to walk away from the crime scene. Kensie has the ability to regenerate so this could possibly be him. This would be very interesting if it turns out to be true. For now let’s keep this as a big “maybe”.

       Now to the bad. What had to be the stupidest part of this chapter was Claire and West causing trouble so that Claire could get on the cheerleading squad. I understand the reason for doing this but just seing it play out was a joke. I just sat there and laughed at this scene. Also the fact that we saw a few seconds of Peter and then waited all the way till the end to see a few seconds more was rediculous. There have been episodes where Peter is no where to be found and the show was able to hold its own. However, when you show the character for a few seconds and then cut him out of most of the episode is really dumb. His story should have been developed a little further if he was to be featured in this chapter.

       Next week we may get more answers but the way it is done is very repetitive. We already had a glimpse of the future in the last volume which I must say was one of the best chapters of volume 1. So seeing our characters in the future again is not very original. However, I still have faith that this chapter will work and that we will get our answers.

       Overall, this chapter had lot of great moments especially the Sylar scene. It felt short of being as good as last week’s chapter and this is a sad note being that we havent had many great episodes this season. However, I still feel that the season is young and the real meat of it all is still to come.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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