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Oct 24

Heroes Vol 2 Ch 5 Review

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Matt and Nathan conquer their own nightmares in this thrilling chapter.

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Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 4 (Fight or Flight)

- Spoiler Alert -

       Last week in my review I mentioned how Heroes was back on the right course but the question was if it could remain there? This week we had another great chapter which gives us hope that volume 2 will be as explosive as volume 1.

       This chapter was filled with a lot of great moments. The first which I will mention had to be one if not the most entertaining scene in all the heroes chapters including volume 1. This is the scene where Matt and Nathan go looking for Matt’s father only to be trapped by him in their own nightmares. Watching Matt and Nathan battle it out while thinking they that they are fighting others in their nightmare was a clever touch. It seemed like something which you would find in a Freddy Kruger movie. I am really enjoying the story line that is developing with these two characters. This might actually be the most interesting story line this season thus far and this is surprising when these two aren’t even the main characters in the show.

       Another plus had to do with one of our new characters. Last week we were introduced to Monica who has the ability to mimic whatever she sees. This week we spent more time with her as she explored her new abilities with Micah. I could see her playing a major role towards the end of the series with such an incredible ability which she possesses. How the writers have planned to tie her story and ability with the overall climax of the show is questionable now since we don’t know that much about the character yet. However, this character keeps focusing on how she wants to make a difference in the world. So it is possible that she will play a big part in making a difference in the Heroes universe.

       The last great moment of this chapter involved Peter. We finally got to see what was in the box. It wasn’t anything big, just his identification, a picture of him and Nathan which he didn’t recognize and a plane ticket to Canada. This didn’t give Peter much information but after looking at a painting board he began to see an image. Then he used Isack’s ability to draw the future. He drew what looked like him and his new found girl friend by some french place. They came to the conclusion that this was located in Canada which is probably where he was heading originally since he holds that plane ticket. We were also introduced to Kristen Bells character who is on the hunt for Peter. She has the ability to unleash electricity which means that Peter came in contact with her in the past since he also holds that ability. I was disappointed in the first scene that they showed us her ability. It seemed kind of corny and could have been done in a better way. Last week I mentioned how I hoped that she didn’t try to take the spot light. However, not much focus was spent on her which was a good thing.

       One story line which is interesting but dosen’t seem to be developing that great as expected is Hiro’s. It is going kind of slow and we aren’t seeing any signs of where this character is heading. We know he is helping Kenzei to become the warrior which he is destined to become but what happens after this. Or, where is the twist in this. Next weeks chapter seems like it will dive deeper in his story so we will see if it picks up. Hiro was my favorite character last season but that might change if his story continues to go at the pace which it is. Speaking of next week, it looks like we well get one heck of a chapter. I cannot wait to see what happens with Sylar and his new friends. Looking at the preview it seems like things aren’t going to good with them.

       This chapter continues on the right track. Sure there were a few things here and there which could have been done better but overall this chapter had great story telling and exciting scenes which kept the show interesting. This makes it hard for us to wait one whole week for the next installment.

4 out of 5 stars

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