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Oct 19

Heroes Vol 2 Ch 4 Review

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I knew the pain couldn’t last for long. This chapter of Heroes was just what we needed after two weeks of disapointments. How can you go wrong with smiles like those.

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Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 4 (The Kindness of Strangers)

- Spoiler Alert -

       The first thing to note about this chapter was that Peter and Hiro were no where to be found. These are the two most important characters, yet the writers decided to focus on others and leave them out of this chapter. The good part of this is that I didn’t even notice that they were missing until the end of the show. The story was great and the characters delivered great performances that it was OK to have Peter and Hiro absent for one week.      

       The most surprising thing of all was that Maya and Alehandro’s story line was not boring. After weeks of complaining, we actually get a chapter where these two characters dont ruin the show for us. This however is thanks to Sylar. They find Sylar passed out in the middle of the road and take him with them. Oh I only hope that Sylar gets rid of these two but unfortunately, we all know that things wont turn out that way. At least for now, having Sylar traveling with them should keep their story line interesting. We also get a glimpse of the nightmare man that is haunting mollies dream. This person was once part of that group which involved Linderman and Angela Petrelli to name a few. We also discover that he is Matt’s father and after attempting to find him, Molly get’s captured by him, mentally. Very cool.      

        A new addition to the cast is Micah’s cousin Monica who has abilities of her own. She basically can do anything that she sees. After watching Rey Mysterio Jr in a wrestling match on TV, she was able to mimic his moves and stop a robbery in progress. I guess super powers runs in the family. Her ability is cool and I can’t wait to see how she will use it in the future. Next week Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) joins the cast but after seeing a preview of the next chapter I just hope she dosen’t try to steal the spot light.

       This was a shorter review than my others but plain and simple, Heroes is back on the right course and hopefully it can remain there.

4 out of 5 stars

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