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Oct 5

Digital Life 2007

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Digital Life is here and it’s time to go back and check out all the new and upcoming gadgets, devices, and games that are scheduled for a fall and 2008 release.

       The show opened it’s doors on Thursday Sept 27 and ran through Sun Sept 30 at the Jacob Javits Center. I attended the show on Sat 29 and I must say that this was one of the worst digital life show yet. I have been attending this show since the first year it started in NYC and by far it has been an incredible show to attend. If you are into anything tech, this is the place to be. The show is good for anyone planning to buy gear over the next year or just wanting to have a good time. However, this year really didn’t offer much. The keynotes were weak, the products displayed weren’t that much interesting and not many upcoming games were previewed.It also felt real small this year with not many booths.

       Despite these flaws, I do have some personal highlights. There are two products that I plan on purchasing soon. The first is a new phone and the second is a laptop. I had my eye on the Dell M1330 that came out this spring. The size and weight was the first thing that caught my eye since I will be caring around this laptop many times. After seeing it on display at the show I was very impressed with the size and the overall design factor. The laptop is very powerful and could handle many day to day multitasking computing needs. If there was one thing which I didn’t like about this laptop it had to be the sensor buttons above the keyboard. It can be hard at times to control and looks like it gets dirty easily by finger prints. Overall, this is a strong contender in my laptop purchase. Right now it is up against the Sony Vaio SZ series. I will probably make up my mind this month. As for cell phones, I didn’t see any which I liked. In the long run I think I might end up getting the Blackberry Pearl. I need something small and this looked like the best candidate for me.

       Other highlights included the hd-dvd panel where I got a glimpse of the Heroes Volume 1 hd-dvd which Ill make sure to pick that dvd up once I get an hd-dvd player. The Dance Dance Revolution face-off which was hysterical and the robots. The robots included an R2-D2 video projector. It was about the same size of the actual R2-D2 and had a build in projector which was displaying Episode 3 at the time. They also had miniature R2-D2’s with built in cameras which you could view and control through your PC or laptop. However, the coolest robot was SpyKee the WiFi spy robot. This robot was fairly small and could be controlled from your pc or laptop any where in the world. Some of its other features includes a video camera for video surveillance, voice-over IP, a webcam, an mp3 player and auto recharger. The coolest part of this robot is that it will take a snapshot if something looks suspicious when you are not home and it will email it to you. This way you can be at work while SpyKee makes sure that your house is safe. If someone breaks into you place then SpyKee will email you a picture of the thief. Too bad that this will be your last memory of SpyKee since he will probably be missing after that. This robot had so many cool features and I definetely want him gaurding my home. You can check out SpyKee for your self by clicking here      

       These were great highlights, however, this does not compare to the many highlights that year one had. Hopefully next years digital life will be improved and be as good as the previous ones. Click below to check out my photos of the event and short video of one of the contestants from the dance dance revolution face-off.

Digital Life 2007
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