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Oct 2

Heroes Vol2 Ch2 Review

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Holly Lizards! A Heroes episode that actually wasn’t that great?

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Heroes Volume 2 Chapter 2 (Lizards)      

        OK, now what happened here? The season opened to a great start but this second chapter was kind of dull. I mean we are still in the beginning of the season but it would have been good to kick it up a bit like the end of the second chapter of volume 1 when we received a glimpse of the future. That was the episode that made me say “wow, now this show is the real deal”. But this episode was too plain. They tried to make certain scenes feel very suspenseful with surprising moments but it was not working for me.

I apologies for the following ranting before hand. As a Heroes fan, it disappoints me to have to do this. I will start off with my top issue with this episode which happened towards the end of the show. This was when we find out the ability of Kenzei. He has the power to regenerate. If you read my last heroes review then you know how pissed I was that Claire’s new boyfriend (Wes) had the ability to fly. Now we see another Hero who shares the same ability as another character. I will say it again, “lame”! Unless this ties in with Claire then I think that this is another dissapointment. I hope in future reviews you see me praising the fact that Kenzie has the same abilities as Claire. Like I said, maybe there is some connecting reasoning behind this. Another issue I had was with Maya’s ability. When she is not around her brother Alenjandro, a black liquid substance comes out from her eyes and anyone around her dies instantly. She can’t seem to control this ability unless her brother is there to cure her. He can also cure those that were once dead because of Maya. Kind of scary and stupid. This ability is a lot like Nicki’s super strength that she gets when her other personality comes out. It’s similar because it sucks and gets tiring after awhile of seeing it. So far I have a feeling that this will be my least favorite character this season. While i’m ranting on I will also say, what was up with all the commercials? Maybe it was because the last episode was sponsored and had very few commercials, so this one seemed like it had way more. But, I kept turning to Ashley and saying, “What is up with all these bloody commercials?”

       However, there were some things that gave the show a plus. The first one was introducing the Haitian again. Last seen, he was making sure that Claire was safe. Then we had no idea where he went off to. We find out that he went back to Haiti and had fallen ill to the virus that is affecting those with the special gene. Mohinder manages to find and cure him but after he finds out that Mohinder was sent by the company, the Haitian manages to erase his memory and escape. Next scene, Mohinder wakes up not remembering what just happened. This was the “awsome” factor of the show. It is also cool to see Noah and the Haitian back together again. Another plus is Hiro’s story line. Seeing him take up the Kenzei armor and fend off some bandits was definitely cool. Peter using his abilities was a welcoming treat and I can’t wait to find out what happened to his memories. Moments like this is what keeps the show so interesting. Speaking of Peter, it is also cool that we now have confirmation that Peter regenerated new body parts after the explosion. The shows title (Lizards) has to do with the discovery that Claire made that she could regenerate cut off body parts just like a Lizard could regenerate his tail. Being that Peter absorbed Claires power then he regenerated as well. It was kind of obvious before but never did we officially know that Claire and Peter could regenerate missing body parts.

       The show was not horrible but it did not pull me in like the usual Heroes episode. Half of it kept me entertained and the other half left me upset. There is so much ground to cover and I see the show having a slow start as it puts the pieces together. Hopefully it’s not painfully slow.

3 out of 5 stars

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