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Aug 24

A Day in The City of Brotherly Love

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      On Saturday, August 11th 2007 we took a one day road trip to Philadelphia. Why go to Philadelphia? Well honestly, our main reason to go there was to try a real Philly Cheesesteak. I mean we have had plenty here in New York but we wanted to see what the real deal was all about. However, we still planned a whole day around the city of brotherly love. It has been more than fifteen years since Ive been to Philly and this has been Ashley’s first. We had a good time even though our visit there was shorter than planned.

       We originally planned to arrive at Philly around 12pm but crappy directions from Google maps made us get there around 3pm. Map quest all the way. We headed straight to Pat’s Cheesesteaks which is the original birth place of the cheesesteak. It was funny to see that right across the street from Pats is Geno’s cheesesteaks. Geno’s place is visually much more attractive than Pat’s but we had to try the original. Besides, this is where Rocky ate so we had to eat like the champ. So how good where these cheesesteaks? They were real good but nothing different than what you could get anywhere else. What makes this cheesesteak different is the fact that you had it from where it all started.This fact alone makes Pats one of the busiest places in Philly. The line to get a cheesesteak was unbelievably long but well worth the wait. Next time we go back to Philly we’ll try Geno’s to see if there is a new champ.

       We also made it to the spot where I have been wanting to go for years. The Philly museum of art which is remembered for the famous scene where Rocky ran up the steps after the long run through the streets of Philladelphia. We first took pictures next to the Rocky statue to the right of the steps and then ran up the steps. Well, I ran and Ashley walked. Don’t worry, next time she’ll run. The steps seemed a little short than what I remember in the movies but it was still awesome to be there.

       Later on we made our way to Independence Hall which is the location where the Declaration of Independence was debated and adopted. We walked around for some time and looked at what had to be the most beautiful part of Philly. As we walked we searched for the Liberty Bell but grew tired after a long day and just called it quits. As we drove on we wanted to make one last stop at South Street which we read that it was the place to be if you just wanted to hangout and have a good time. We were actually disappointed in what we saw. It seemed like a cool place but very run down. We had previously looked at pictures of this location but none of the pics looked like what we saw. We drove down this strip and this concluded our day at Philadelphia.

       It was a quick one day trip and now we can say that we had a REAL philly cheesesteak. Philly was not the most impressive city because of its run down streets but we had a good time there. Now we just have to plan our next one day get away. Click the image below for our Philly Photos.

Trip to Philadelphia

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