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Jul 30

The Simpson’s Movie

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They finally made a Simpson’s movie and well, it’s the Simpson’s.

The Simpson’s Movie Banner

The Simpson’s has been airing for seventeen years. It is the longest running series and after so many years, they have decided to make a Simpson’s movie. Personally, I believe Simpsons lost the edge that they had a few years back. It just wasn’t as funny. So how does this movie stack up a few years down the rode? It is absolutely hilarious and lives up to the Simpson’s that started it all.

I was not crazy about seeing this movie especially since I have not watched any of the recent episodes after I felt that the Simpson’s had lost the humor it once had. After the seven eleven promotion I was reminded of the series and decided to give it a chance. I have to say that the seven eleven promotion is probably the first time that a movie promotion has made me go and watch a movie. From the moment that the Twentieth Century Fox logo appeared and we saw Ralph Wiggim in the “O” of “FOX”, I suddenly was reminded of the Simpson’s that I loved. The Simpson’s Movie is a fan’s dream come true. It is everything you loved about the Simpsons put together into an 86 minute movie. This movie is a hilarious ride from beginning to end. Homer is at his best and all the supporting characters play their typical role which add a helping hand to provide so many funny moments.

It was also a treat to see every Simpson’s character featured in this film. However, I was dissapointed at not seeing two out of this world characters included. After seeing the movie some of you will know who I mean. Especially since they fit in so perfectly in the story. Speaking of the story, The Simpson’s movie has a decent story. The town of Springfield is in peril and Homer and his family are the only hope. Very simple but fits in good for this type of movie. This is something that anyone who has not seen the Simpson’s (shame on you) will appreciate. The story allows anyone to follow along and the humor is good enough that everyone will be laughing.

The animation was just like watching a slightly polished Simpson’s episodes. As a matter of fact, the whole movie felt like watching a Simpson’s episodes but that isn’t a bad thing. If there is one thing that was somewhat bad, was that the movie felt a little bit short. I mean it’s a given that it would be, however twenty more minutes would have been nice. Nothing major but something to keep in mind.

The Simpson’s Movie will make you laugh and remind you of all those crazy and hilarious Simpson’s episodes that you love. A great treat for fans and a good movie for non-fans. Stay until the closing credits for a few extras.

3 1/2 out of 5 stars

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