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Jul 24

Ratatouille Review

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Disney and Pixar are at it again. Ratatouille is a fun and wonderfully animated film. 

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       I know this might be a late review but I recently went to the Poconos with my wife and saw this movie for the first time even though it has been out for several weeks. Before I begin this review I will like to say that this was one of the weirdest movie experience I had ever had. I am used to going to big movie theaters and occasionally a small one here and there but this theatre actually felt like I was in someones apartment watching the big screen. This was not a bad thing but a very interesting thing. I was waiting for a neighbor to walk in and ask us to turn down the volume. We also knew that the theatre would be empty since other movies like Harry Potter and Transformers were still dominating the box office but this theatre was beyond empty. As we walked in we saw a mother with her 4 or 5 kids running around the theatre. One of the kids was doing a hand stand on the wall to the right of the screen. We walked out of the theatre wondering where we were. After a few minutes we went back in and the kids were all calm now. Surprisingly, we and that family were the only ones in the theatre. It would have been awesome if we were the only ones there. We would have had our own personal showing.

       OK, now to the film. I have not been up to date with all the recent animated films. The last one that really wow’ed me was The Incredible’s. Knowing that this was a Pixar movie I knew It had to be good. I was not disapointed. Ratatouille was a fun and enjoy-full film, filled with a great story and incredible animation. The story revolves a rat living in Paris, who has a high sense of smell and a high taste for food. After running into a young man, they both must convince the world that they are top notch chefs. It may sound a little weird but seeing how this all plays out is what makes Ratatouille such a fun movie to watch. Not to mention all the laughs you will have with the other characters in this film. I especially thought that a certain chef in the film who has a slight resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Houser M.D.) was hilarious even though his screen time was very short. The story is very entertaining and has some adult humor which many current Pixar movies have.

       The animation has to be by far one of the best to date. It is simply amazing seeing the amount of detail put into every shot. Even during up close shots you can see how close to realism animation is getting. Seeing the city of Paris done so perfectly was also very amazing. Being that we recently had our honeymoon in Paris, it was a treat to see some of the locations which we visited in this film. Even the side streets, cars and atmosphere brought Paris to life.

       Like mentioned before, this film has some adult humor which some kids might not be entertained by. After our showing, the kids who were running around the theatre before the movie began, were sound asleep even after the rolling credits. You would expect that during the movie you would hear non stop laughter. However, it was quiet from beginning to end. We did not hear even one of those kids laugh or make some sort of sound of amazement during the whole film. This was very weird, however animated films are taking the step towards pleasing more and more adults than children. This is good for us older ones but not so good for those younger ones who enjoy hours and hours of silliness.

       In conclusion, Ratatouille is a film for all even though adults will probably get the most laughs out of it. The story is very fun and the amount of detail is amazing to watch. I highly recomend this film for everyone to watch. You will also be tempted to take a trip to Paris after this film.

4 out of 5 stars

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