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Apr 2

Battlestar Gallactica (Season 1-3)

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 Review of the first three seasons of one of the best show’s on television.

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Spoilers Included         

       I never caught on to the original Battlestar Gallactica so thought I would not be interested in this newer version. I sure am glad that I didn’t skip this one.        Battlestar Gallactica is the sci-fi hit that TV was missing. First aired as a multipart TV movie, battlestar has a pretty direct story line. Planet Caprica was destroyed by the robots that humans themselves created. These robots known as the Cylons were lost for many years in space. They evolved and took human form and came back to Caprica for one purpose….eliminate mankind. A group of survivors numbering in the thousands managed to escape the attack and fled their home world. Now they are in search of Earth so that they can colonize. However, they are being tracked by the Cylons who also are in the search for Earth.

       I was never a fan of star trek or any other space traveling series. Lucky for me this show is not like any of those. It may seem that running away from a group of robots can get old after a few shows. What keeps this show fresh is that they don’t just focus on that, they also focus on the many struggles they go through living aboard the ship. You have to remember that these people lived on land and had to leave unexpectedly. Also, trying to figure out who is a Cylon keeps you questioning certain characters. However, the last few episodes were a bit of a disappointment. They drifted onto other stories that just weren’t so interesting. Things also got a little slower. All of a sudden, Starbuck who is one of the main characters in the show dies. Sure this is a big shocker but the way it was done left me not caring much. I knew she couldn’t have been dead because they didn’t make a big deal about it. I mean two episodes later it’s like everyone forgot she was dead. Of course in the season finale she came back which leaves the question to next season open on how she survived when her ship exploded. Also lies the question weather she is a Cylon or not. The finale was entertaining but it didn’t match up to other finales. It did leave us with many questions to be answered which is something that BG had always done well.

       Despite the flaws in the last few episodes of season three, Battlestar Galactica is a superior show with great story telling and great characters.One other thing to note is the visual effects of the show. There quick close up shots and shaky cam shots give it a very real vibe. The space combat is incredible for a TV series. You can surely tell that the graphical team spent a lot of time to get it right. It looks like next season they will finally find Earth. Not sure if it will be the final season but if it is then it had a great run. There are talks about a spin-off show titled “Caprica“. It will take place years before the Cylons attacked the human home world of Caprica. One of the characters will be commander Adama (Edward James Almos) at a younger age. Hopefully it will be as good as BG. I recommend everyone to pick up a copy of the last three seasons and get ready for season four. Trust me you will enjoy. 

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