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Jul 3

Transformers Review

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More than meets the eye. This is definitely the transformers we grew up with.

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       As a long time transformers fan I had always wanted to see these giant alien robots on the big screen. However, I knew that it was not the right time to see one. If the movie was to be done right, we needed to have the technology in order to achieve this. Years later the day comes and my child hood memories are brought to the big screen and it is very impressing.

       After watching several trailers, I had a feeling that this film would not be the transformers which all fans have been waiting for. Also the fact that Micheal Bay was not so familiar with the transformers universe before attaching him self to this film gave me doubts. Then suddenly the lights go dark and we hear Peter Cullens (Optimus Prime) voice and from that moment I knew I was in for a treat. From beginning to end transformers was the movie that all fans have been waiting for.

       The story line in transformers is very clear and solid. The Autobots are at war with the evil Deceptocons. They come to earth in search of an item which has been lost for years. Now the Autobots must prevent the Deceptocons from obtaining this item while protecting mankind at the same time. Very straight forward like many other Micheal Bay films. There are many who are not thrilled with Bay’s work. This is mainly because of the lack of depth in his stories. What Bay is really big on is action sequences. Even though this film is oozing with fights and explosions, Bay did a good job of maintaining an interesting story. This could be because of the help he got from executive producer Steven Speilberg.

       These are definetley the robots which we are oh so familiar with. During the introduction of each autobot and deceptocon, you cant help but let out a big “ooh yeah!”. Each robot is filled with so much character which allows us get so attacthed to them. We also hear lines and references which are found in the transformers universe. This is another added gift to fans.

       So far I have been speaking on a fans point of view but how about for those who are not familiar with Transormers? One thing that Micheal Bay knows how to do right is reach everyone. Transformers is filled with a rich story accompanied by lots of laughs, exciting action sequences and several emotional moments. Everyone will find something special about this movie. My wife is not a transformers fan at all. I tried to show her transformers the animated movie before going into the theatre so that she could be more familiar. She ended up sleeping through the cartoon but enjoyed every moment of this live action version.

       The visual effects is the high point in this movie. Watching those robots transform is amazing. We do believe that vehicles can turn into giant robots. However, the action sequences can get a little confusing at times. It can get hard to tell what exactly is going on when giant pieces of metal are battling each other but these are only for a few scenes. The climatic final battle will leave you breathless. So much detail is put into every shot of this long and exciting thrill ride. It is by far the best visual effects we have seen to date.

       With all this said, Transforers is not a perfect movie. It has its short comings. Like many other Micheal Bay films, the human character development is weak. This is followed by some unnecessary dialog. However this makes up a real tiny fraction of the film. It is something which you will probably forget after the closing credits. The one character which was very involving and made a huge impact in the film was Sam Witwicky played by Shia LaBeouf. As a somewhat new coming actor, Shia pours a lot of emotion into his character role. He adds an extra touch to bring these huge robots to life.

       Transformers is an exciting ride from opening credits to end. Fans will not be let down and new comers will greatly enjoy it. Still not perfect but in a year of disappointing films, Transformers is the savior which we have been waiting for. Definitely worth seeing twice if not three times. Be prepared to have what might be one the best movie going experiences this year. Thank you Micheal Bay for bringing to life and being faithful to one of my childhood memories.

4 out of 5 stars

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