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Jun 11

Ocean’s 13 Review

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Thirteen is this movie’s unlucky number.

       I never saw the original Oceans’ 11 but I became totally hooked after seeing the newer Ocean’s 11. Then Ocean’s 12 was released and they tried to top themselves by throwing a 360 and making us believe that everything was a failure but suddenly we find out that they fooled us through a long flashback scene. However it was not as clever as ocean’s 11. Now we have Ocean’s 13 which tries once again to top the first by throwing in a few twist which once again does not work quite as well. It is simply a dragging ride which never really gets started.

       I had high hopes for this movie. This was the chance to make up for the short commings of ocean’s 12. This is a difficult thing to do in a movie of this type. It is difficult to top an excellent scheme. The really sad part of this movie was that it looked like it never made the effort to come up with a really clever scheme. The scheme was very dull and waited untill the closing credits to the real got you moment to come. Sadly it never came. I found myself bored half way through the movie. Things picked up afterwards once the plan was being played out but it felt like it happened to fast and there was not much creativity behind it.

       Another dissapointing came from the waste of characters. With such a huge cast it can be hard to give each character enough screen time and make them involving. However Ocean’s 11 pulled this off perfectly. It seemed that Ocean’s 13 spend way to much time on specific characters that the rest were given minor roles just because the movie had to keep its reputation of bringing back the entire cast. On another sad note, the characters were also very dull. This is at the exception of a few funny and key moments.

       There was one character that was surprisingly brought back and suddenly my hopes for this movie came back. But when his main screen time came it was unbelievably dissapointing. His character was a big waste and that was the icing on the cake to make this movie one of my least favorites this year.

       If your a fan of Ocean’s 11 then you will most likely dislike this film. If you loved Ocean’s 12 then you might actually enjoy this film. This is a film which you should wait for on dvd. Do not waste your ten bucks on this one.

2 out of 5 stars

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